Bishof Kitoi von der Meru Diözese hat eine Nachricht für die Menschen in Tansania geschrieben, die wir hier gerne teilen möchten.Bishof Elias Kitoi

A message from Bishop Kitoi:

Brothers and sisters in Christ:

Hearty greetings from Tanzania and much so from your sisters and brothers of the ELCT – Diocese of Meru.
We are doing okay here despite the Coronavirus epidemic, which (as in many countries of the world), Tanzania hasn’t been spared either.

This is what is happening in Tanzania as regards this virus:

1. As of today, 13 patients are reported to have been diagnosed from this disease.
2. Countrywide, we might have more victims, not scrutinized yet, due to lack of good or enough machines to detect this disease.
3. Our neighbouring countries – Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda (to mention a few), are also reported to have patients treated from Coronavirus
4. Our Country also has closed all schools/colleges and has prohibited all general gatherings for one month since two weeks ago.
5 The faith worship services continue to operate, until we hear otherwise from our government. But all necessary measures/ precautions have to be observed (like having sanitizers and washing stations in all shops, grocery stores or gathering places). All.unnecessary gatherings have been banned.
6. Guests/tourists coming to our country from Europe and America have cancelled their visits. This has already caused some economic stress not only to our tourism industry, but also to our diocesan guest house and the secondary schools run by our Diocese.
7. Since August is far away from now, we pray and hope that our August Diocesan Assembly may still be on session.

We continue with Lenten worship services and as we prepare to encounter Good Friday leading to Easter.

On a positive note, our peasant farmers are enjoying the good and moderate winter rains which have just started. The young corn crops look pretty good, which gives us some hope of looking forward to a good yield; which means no shortage of food and no starvation.

May God help our researchers and doctors to discover a remedy and cure of this Coronavirus. May God show us a way when we can not find a way out of this epidemic. Hope all is well. We hold you all in our prayers.

Asante sana,
Elias Kitoi
Bishop – ELCT – Diocese of Meru.